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Copyright Notice

The copyright in the Macromolecular Structure Determination Course including coordinates and scripts but excluding sections explicitly marked otherwise (hereafter called "MSD COURSE MATERIAL") is owned by Birkbeck College, London, United Kingdom. The copyright rests with the authors for those instances in which the College has waived its employer's rights. Protein Crystallography on the Web (hereafter called "PX COURSE MATERIAL") constitutes a subset of the MSD COURSE MATERIAL.

Moral Rights Notice

In accordance with the terms of the Link Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988 chapter IV on "Moral Rights" as passed into the law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the contributing authors of the PX COURSE MATERIAL, as specified in alphabetical order below, do hereby assert their moral rights to be identified as authors or co-authors of the course material regarding those web pages which they have written:

Jeremy Karl Cockcroft
Huub Driessen
Helen White
Huub Driessen asserts his moral right regarding the editorial content of the course material as a whole.

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Access to and use of the PX COURSE MATERIAL is free only to students and staff of the School of Crystallography, Birkbeck College. Distribution is prohibited.

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