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Technical  Requirements

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Technical Requirements

The Internet is a new and innovative medium for teaching. We hope it will provide the means of finding out more about protein structure determination for students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to do so. However, because of the nature of this method of teaching there will be certain prerequisites.

The minimum equipment/know-how required to take the course will be:

We anticipate that most students will be using PCs or UNIX computers although the course is accessible to students using other computers, such as Macs. However, the Department cannot guarantee an equal level of technical support for students not using UNIX or PCs.

This list of requirements should act as a guide only as there are bound to be variations and combinations which are not mentioned above. If after reading the above you are still unsure about the level of your technical know-how or the equipment you will need then contact Dr David Houldershaw (mention px course).

If you should decide to pursue your application with the Department you will be asked to complete, along with an application form, a technical information form. It is only at this point, once we have all your details available to us, that your technical equipment/know-how will be assessed formally and we will be able to confirm your suitability to undertake the course.

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