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School of CrystallographyBirkbeck College
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The course leads to the award of an Advanced Certificate in Protein Crystallography from Birkbeck College, University of London. The Advanced Certificate is equivalent to half a British Master's degree. The one-year course consists nominally of 3 terms of 12 weeks each, equivalent to 2 semesters. It is not possible to make definite statements about the credit equivalent (US).

Each student is assessed by a combination of the course work assignments submitted in Terms 1 and 2, the projects submitted in Term 3 (with possibly short oral examination) and an unseen final written examination in Term 3. The final exam mark will consist of 50% from the unseen examination and 50% from the course work and projects.

The examination will be held at an approved external examination centre local to the place of residence of the student (e.g. at a local university). An extra fee, determined by the local centre, may be incurred for students sitting exams at external examination centres.

Note: A student may opt not to take the unseen final examination and/or not to do the projects, in which case a Certificate of Attendance may be given on the basis of course work only.

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