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Advanced  Certificate  in  Protein  Crystallography  on  the  Web 
Workload  and  Course Attendance

School of CrystallographyBirkbeck College
University of London

Workload and Course Attendance

This course has no attendance requirements at Birkbeck College itself. Participation is purely via the Internet. The time requirements for this course are based on estimates for the time spent in downloading the material, reading and understanding it. Additional time will be required for interactive exercises, assignments and revision.

In contrast to face-to-face teaching at Birkbeck College (or elsewhere), students on the Web course participate asynchronously: students may therefore choose to spend, if they need to, 12 hours (typically) one week and 0 hours the next. However, our experience shows that success on Internet distance-learning courses is achieved through regular study.

Due to the nature of Internet courses, no experimental work is possible.

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