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Advanced  Certificate  in Protein  Crystallography  on  the  Web  Timetable  Assignments  &  MUDs  03/04 

Department of CrystallographyBirkbeck College
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Release Notes Questions Answers Date ReleasedDate Due E-mail for answers Lecturer(s)
Assignment 1 Diffraction Diffraction 24/11/03  26/1/04 Barrett
Assignment 1b Home Page Home Page 24/11/03  26/1/04 Barrett
Assignment 2 Fourier Fourier 6/1/04  27/2/04 Barrett
Assignment 3 Protein Structure Protein Structure 12/1/04  26/3/04 Barrett
Assignment 4 Symmetry Set A
Set B
Symmetry Set A
Set B
14/5/04 Jeremy Karl Cockcroft and Tracey Barrett
Assignment 4b CCP4 Gui CCP4 Gui 22/3/04  30/4/04 Barrett
Assignment 5 Protein Crystallography Protein Crystallography 02/6/04  09/7/04 Barrett

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