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What do the students say?

Michael Forman

Thanks for a great was a great experience.

Chris Prodromou

I have enjoyed the course very much and have learnt lots."

Haitham Idriss

I thought it was a well organised course that provides a good introduction to protein crystallography and would highly recommend it to those interested in the subject.

Although we've only managed to meet electronically, I found the tutors at Birkbeck very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Geraint Thomas

I thought I should also write and tell you how much I've enjoyed the whole PX experience...
I can now talk to crystallographers intelligently without getting lost. I read structural papers routinely now and I can make simple judgements of quality. The course is paying dividends already and I'm sure there are many more to come.

Margarete Neu

You might not believe it, but the symmetry chapter has been my favourite so far!

Simon Allard

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and am certainly gaining a good background in Protein Crystallography. The quality of the diagrams is excellent and is one of the major points in making this course so useful.

Louise Gazerro

I find that the assignments are the most useful way of making the students think over the course material, especially for those assignments which are in exercise form. I also find the Projects very useful in order to make the students able to use what they have studied. In particular, I found Project B very exciting as it allows the students to taste research work.

Jim Golen

The protein crystallography course was excellent and the authors should be congratulated on their efforts as they have done a wonderful job. I recently attended the ACA Annual Meeting in Arlington VA and I was able to follow as well as understand many of the protein crystal presentations.

Manfred Baumstark

The course is of great value for me.

Jens Eckstein

I think the course is great.
You are all doing a great job and the clickable animations are marvelous.

Jerry Murray

Always thought it was cool stuff.
Extremely useful.
Nice one.

Jerry Alexandratos

...I downloaded the Fourier program and used it for the assignment. In fact, I enjoyed using it, and it helped me quite a bit in understanding the topic.

Christine Luong

The course materials are great. I enjoy crystallography as a subject a lot more at work besides crystallization.

Jeremy Murray

I think the graphical way the subjects are represented works very well.

Louise Gazerro

The course material is generally very clear, also in the case of more difficult topics.

Jeremy Murray

I think the course so far has been superb and extremely helpful.

Manfred Baumstark

Ian, I like the Fourier program! Nice work.

Jeremy Murray

I think the course is well organised and quite thorough.

Jeremy Murray

May I say the PX home page is very good and well organised.

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